Work from 9:00 - 9:03.
The best student job in the world!

We offer a student job where you help childless or same-sex couples fulfil their dream of becoming parents.
Born Semen Bank focuses on humanity, responsibility and the possible future donor child.

We do this by:

Student jobs as sperm donors

Have a limit on the number of children per donor. Talk to you and give us time for follow-up sperm assessments in case you are rejected because of sperm quality.
That our entire organisation is governed by documented and traceable procedures. This results in you having the best experience we can offer throughout.
That our entire team of skilled doctors and healthcare professionals have undergone highly specialised training in the particular field for which they are responsible.

Do you want to be a sperm donor?

You need to be healthy and between 18 and 45 years old.
You decide when you work, but at least once a week. And you are keen to get a student job with a bigger meaning. With each donation you get 300 DKK and on average we pay 4,200 DKK to a donor per month, and we haven't exaggerated!

Student job: should you be a sperm donor
Not a normal student job

A student job like no other!

Being a sperm donor is not like other student jobs. Here you should see it as a job you do for others and at the same time get paid, or rather compensated for it.

Being a sperm donor is not a "normal student job", but an opportunity to become a donor, with a very lucrative compensation. And at the same time make a huge difference to couples and singles around the world.

Get the best student job!

The highest hourly compensation in the city and 4,200 DKK paid on average per month. Free fitness: we take 200 kr. off your subscription. Get started fast with fast track: here you'll be donating 2-3 months faster than with other offers.

You can find us in Aalborg, Aarhus C and Copenhagen K.