Work from 9:00 - 9:03.
Maybe the best student job in the world?

Are you looking for a flexible student job where you can make a significant difference to others? At Born, we offer a student job where you help childless couples or singles fulfill their dream of becoming parents.

We focus on humanity, responsibility and the potential future donor child.

We do this by having:

Student job as a sperm donor
  1. Having a limit for the number of children per donor.
  2. Conducting follow-up sperm evaluations in case you are rejected due to your sperm quality.
  3. Documenting traceable procedures in order to provide you with the best experience throughout.
  4. Having a team of skilled doctors and healthcare professionals who have undergone highly specialised training in their respective fields.

Do You Want to Be a Sperm Donor?

Are you a healthy male between 18 and 45 years old? Would you like to make a difference for involuntarily childless couples and singles and earn a little at the same time? Then, the job as a sperm donor might be something for you. 

You decide when you want to work, but at least once a week and a maximum of three times a week. For each donation, you receive 300 DKK in compensation, and on average, you have the opportunity to earn 4,200 DKK per month - and we are not exaggerating!

Before you can be approved as a sperm donor, you need to undergo a health check and be tested for various diseases. We, of course, also check your sperm quality. 

Student job: Should you be a sperm donor
Not a normal student job

A Student Job Like No Other!

Being a sperm donor is not a "normal student job", but an opportunity to be a donor and receive a lucrative compensation. At the same time, you will make a huge difference for couples and singles worldwide.

Earn a Supplement to Your SU!

There are always job openings for sperm donors - we are constantly looking for more donors who can provide sperm regularly. So, if you'd like some extra money in your everyday life, send in your application today. 

  • We offer a high hourly compensation - on average, you receive 4,200 DKK per month.
  • Free fitness - we provide a 200 DKK subsidy for your fitness subsciption
  • Get started quickly with fast track - you can start donating 2-3 months faster at our sperm bank, compared to the other sperm banks.

You can find us in Aalborg, Odense, Aarhus and Copenhagen.