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Become a sperm donor and receive 300 DKK per approved donation. Our sperm donors receive an average of 4,200 DKK per month as compensation.

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As a sperm donor, you make a huge difference in helping childless couples and singles fulfil their biggest dream - to start a family. So why not make money from it?

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How to become a sperm donor

How to become a sperm donor

Are you ready to make a difference and earn money at the same time? As a sperm donor, you get easy, flexible work with a bigger purpose. Our donor coordinators will walk you through the process.
Mai/Donor Coordinator

Our sperm donors say

Our sperm donors say

We support your healthy lifestyle. That's why we give up to 200 kr./md. of your fitness membership as a sperm donor with us. All you have to do is donate once a week and you can get those gains going! Win/win for everyone.
Start donating faster, earn easy money and make a difference at the same time. You can get started with the same quality after 1 month. That's 2-3 months faster than other sperm banks. Want to get started quickly?
After 100 donations, as a sperm donor with us you will have the opportunity to freeze your own depot for your own consumption. So if you experience reduced sperm quality later in life, you can have your own healthy sperm thawed and used instead.
Get your sperm quality tested at any of our locations and see how strong your swimmers are! Just drop by.
Semen is not only a commodity

Semen is not just a commodity

We therefore focus on humanity, responsibility and the possible future donor child.
We do this by:

Have a limit on the number of successful donations a donor can have. This is based on what we believe is ethically sound for both you and the future family. We talk to you and make time for follow-up sperm assessments in case you are rejected because of sperm quality.

Questions about becoming a sperm donor
Any questions?

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Become a sperm donor at SellmerDiers Sperm Bank

We guarantee safety and professionalism. The departments in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Aalborg are certified by the Danish Patient Safety Agency. If you are interested in knowing more about who we are, you can read more about SellmerDiers here. If you are already a sperm donor at another sperm bank, you may not donate.

We guarantee the quality of our sperm bank by:

That we ensure high standards of both quality and safety throughout, from our recruitment and donations to sales and new parents.

That our entire organisation is governed by documented and traceable procedures. As a result, you get the best experience we can offer all the way through.

That our entire team of skilled doctors and healthcare professionals have undergone highly specialised training in the particular field for which they are responsible. We focus on honesty and trust.


Our sperm donors' frequently asked questions

You need to start by sending us an application - you can do that here.

If your application is accepted in the first instance, you will be called for an interview. At the first interview, you will be asked to provide a semen sample for assessment. If the semen quality is approved, you will be called for a 2nd interview. The interviews will include your background history, why you want to be a sperm donor, ongoing testing of sperm quality, taking blood samples, reviewing your donor profile, etc. We will take blood samples approximately every 2 or 3 months.

To become a sperm donor, you must be between 18 and 45 years old.

You can choose to be an open or closed sperm donor. As an open sperm donor, the donor child can contact you when it reaches the age of majority.

You can't change and be open or closed once you've started donating. 

Read more on this page.

Many countries have a national quota, set by law, for how many children or families a donor can be used for. This limit is called a pregnancy quota. We comply with the limits on the number of children/families per donor in Denmark (number 12), and in the other countries we send to.

In addition, at SellmerDier Sperm Bank we have an upper limit on the number of children per donor worldwide. This limit is based on what we consider to be ethically sound, both for donors and for the donor children who come into the world.

You will receive a compensation of 300 DKK for each approved donation. At SellmerDiers there is no discrimination - all approved sperm donors receive the same compensation. The same applies to open and closed sperm donors.

As a sperm donor, we expect you to be able to donate min. 4 times a month. You can donate up to 3 times a week and preferably min. once a week.

Our sperm donors are all healthy. You will undergo a number of tests, including your sperm quality and a medical examination, before you can be approved as a sperm donor. Read more

Yes, if you are treated, you can be a sperm donor. If you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We have offices in Aarhus C, Copenhagen K and Aalborg.

It is not difficult to become a sperm donor. However, there are a number of tests and factors that can make someone unsuitable, such as hereditary diseases, reduced sperm quality and the like. But if you are healthy, motivated and have good sperm quality, becoming a sperm donor is easy. Therefore, we recommend that you talk to your family and ask about any hereditary diseases.

Read more about who SellmerDier's sperm bank is and how we work here.

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