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As a sperm donor at Born, you will receive full compensation for each donation. You can donate as often as you can, preferably several times a week. 

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Sharing is caring. Help couples and singles fulfil their dream of having a child. 

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How to become a sperm donor

How to Become a Sperm Donor

Do you want to help make a difference for childless women and couples worldwide while earning a bit of money? As a sperm donor, you get an easy and flexible part-time job that serves a greater purpose. Our donor coordinators will help you get started as a sperm donor.

Mai/Donor Coordinator

A Sperm Donor is not just a Commodity

Therefore, we focus on humanity, responsibility and the potential future donor child.
We do this by

Establishing a limit on the number of successful donations a donor can make. This is rooted in what we believe is ethically responsible for both you and the prospective family. We engage in conversations with you and take the time for follow-up sperm evaluations in case you are rejected due to your sperm quality.

As a sperm donor, you have the opportunity to help single women and couples worldwide fulfill their dream of having a child. Many individuals face challenges in conceiving, making each donation important. As a bonus, you will also be financially compensated.

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Sperm is not just a commodity

Our sperm donors' most frequently asked questions

How do I get started with donating sperm?

You start by sending us an application - you can do that here.

If your initial application is approved, you will be called in for an interview. During the first interview, you will provide a sperm sample for evaluation. If the sperm quality is approved, you will be called in for a second interview. The interviews will cover aspects such as your background, your reasons for wanting to be a sperm donor, ongoing tests of your sperm quality, blood tests, a review of your donor profile, etc. Blood tests will be conducted approximately every 2 or 3 months.

How old must I be to become a sperm donor?

To become a sperm donor, you must be between 18 and 45 years old.

What type of sperm donor can I become?

You can choose to become an open or closed sperm donor. As an open sperm donor, the donor child can contact you when they reach the age of majority.

You do not have the option to switch between open and closed donors once you have started donating. 

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How many children can I have?

First and foremost, you will not have any children; you will not become a father to any children but rather assist other parents in having a child. 
Many countries have a national quota, set by law, for the number of children or families a donor may be used for. We adhere to the limits on the number of children/families per donor in Denmark (no more than 12 families) and in all other countries.

Furthermore, at Born, we have an upper limit for the number of children per donor worldwide. It is a limit based on what we believe is ethically defensible for both donors and the donor-conceived children entering the world. 

Furthermore, at Born, we have an upper limit for the number of children per donor worldwide. It is a limit based on what we believe is ethically defensible for both donors and the donor-conceived children entering the world.

What do I earn as a sperm donor? 

At Born, there is no discrimination. All approved sperm donors receive the same compensation. 

How often do I need to donate?

We expect that you can donate a minimum of 4 times per month. You can donate up to 3 times a week, preferably at least once a week.

What will I be examined for?

You undergo a comprehensive examination, including an assessment of your sperm quality and a medical examination where you will be checked for various diseases. You must undergo this health check before you can be approved as a sperm donor.

I have had a sexually transmitted infection - can I still become a donor?

Yes, if you have been treated, you can still become a sperm donor. If you are unsure, you are always welcome to contact us.

Where can I become a sperm donor?

Our branches are located in:Aarhus , Copenhagen, Aalborg and Odense.

Is it difficult to become a sperm donor? 

It is not difficult to become a sperm donor. However, there are factors that may result in a person being unsuitable as a donor, such as hereditary diseases, reduced sperm quality e.g. But if you are a healthy man between 18 and 45 years old, motivated, and have good sperm quality, it is easy to become a sperm donor. Therefore, we recommend having a conversation with your family and inquiring about any hereditary diseases.

Betyder min seksuelle orientering, at jeg ikke kan blive sæddonor?

Hos Born betyder din seksuelle orientering ikke noget for om du kan blive sæddonor. Man skal bare opfylde de generelle sundheds- og screeningskrav der gælder for alle dem som vil være sæddonor.  Du kan læse mere om hvad der skal til for at blive sæddonor her.

Read more about who Born is and how we operate here.

Become a Sperm Donor at Born, your New Sperm Bank

We always do our best and guarantee safety and professionalism. Our locations in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense and Aalborg are all certified by the Danish Health Authority. 

If you're interested in learning more about who we are, you can read more about Born here.

If you are a sperm donor at another sperm bank, you cannot donate.

We ensure the quality of our sperm bank by:

Ensuring the highest standards of both quality and safety in all our procedures,

Making sure that our entire organisation is governed by documented and traceable procedures in order to give you the best experience througout the entire process.

Having a skilled team of doctors and healthcare professionals that has undergone highly specialised training in their respective fields.

Our donors say:

SellmerDiers Sperm Bank is Reborn as Born.

SellmerDiers has been reborn as Born. We have chosen a new name and a new look, but our core values are still deeply rooted in us, and our hearts remain in the same place. Born is a Danish, yet international sperm bank, founded in 2016. From the beginning, we have been a sperm bank that prioritises our donors. Born is not just a place for sperm donation. It is a place where you are always met on an equal footing, and where we have a focus 100% on you and your experience as a sperm donor. We may not be the only sperm bank or the biggest one, but we are definitely the cosiest. 

Born Sperm Bank

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