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As a sperm donor in Copenhagen, you will receive full compensation for your donations. 

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As a sperm donor in Copenhagen, you have the opportunity to help others and make a positive difference.

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All You Need to Know to Become a Sperm Donor in Copenhagen

As a sperm donor in Copenhagen, you have the opportunity to help others fulfil one of their greatest wishes while also being financially compensated for it. You can read about the entire process of becoming a sperm donor below. You are also welcome to contact us with any questions.
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Become the newest sperm donor in Copenhagen at our central location on Ole Suhrs Gade. We are taking on the fight against infertility together. So, drop by for the first conversation. We have the coffee ready!

Become a sperm donor in Copenhagen


There are many advantages to becoming a sperm donor. You undergo a thorough and free health check, where we test you for various diseases - both hereditary diseases and sexually transmitted diseasses. Additionally, your sperm quality is tested.  

Når du bliver godkendt som donor, følger der også økonomiske fordele med, da hver godkendt donation bliver fuldt kompenseret. Kompensationen matcher hvad du kan få hos de andre sædbanker. Du har også mulighed for at få 200 kr. i tilskud til dit fitness abonnement. 

When you choose to donate your sperm, you help childless couples and individuals fulfil a big dream. You can decidee whether to be an ID release donor, which means that donor-conceived children may contact you when they reach legal age. You also have the option to be a no ID release donor. The decision is entirely up to you. 

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Why Be a Sperm Donor in Copenhagen?

More and more people face challenges in having a child, so why not help them while you are young and have strong swimmers? You can assist people around the world in fulfilling their greatest wish, all while being compensated for your work. 

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