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As a sperm donor in Copenhagen, you earn an average of 4,200 DKK per month, depending on how much you want to donate.

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As a sperm donor in Copenhagen, you have the opportunity to help others and make a difference.

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As a sperm donor in Copenhagen, you will have the opportunity to help others fulfil one of their greatest wishes and at the same time be financially compensated for it. You can read about the whole process of becoming a sperm donor below. You are also welcome to contact us with any questions.
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Become the newest sperm donor in Copenhagen at our central location on Ole Suhrs Gade. We're taking on infertility together. So come by for the first interview. We have coffee ready!

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Why be a sperm donor in Copenhagen at Born?

Three words. YOU HAVE IT! And you know what? We need it in the world. More and more people have challenges having a baby, so why not help them while you're young and have fresh swimmers of your own? With us, you can help so many people out in the world and fulfill their greatest wish, all while being compensated for your work.

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Our Copenhagen donors' frequently asked questions

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By law, you must be between 18 and 45 years old.

Yes, there is, and the choice is entirely yours. You can either choose to be an open or closed donor. Read more about it here.

Yes, there is. Many countries have a national quota, set by law, for how many children or families a donor can be used for. This limit is called a pregnancy quota. We comply with the limits on the number of children/families per donor in Denmark (number 12) and in the other countries we send to.

In addition, at SellmerDier Sperm Bank we have an upper limit on the number of children per donor worldwide. This is a limit based on what we believe is ethically sound both for donors and for the donor children who come into the world.

You will receive DKK 300 for each donation approved. And you can come by a maximum of 3 times a week.

Yes, you must. A pretty thorough one at that - so you'll also find out for yourself if the whole system is running as it should. You can read more about the medical check here.

You can come a maximum of 3 times a week, as you must not have ejaculated 48 hours before you come.

You can still become a donor if you have had an STD, as long as you have been cleared of it.

We also have branches in Aalborg and Aarhus C, if that suits you better.

Meet us on ole suhrs gade in copenhagen

You can always drop by our ultra central location on Ole Suhrs gade in the middle of Copenhagen K!

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