Receive Full Compensation

A sperm donor doesn't actually receive a 'salary'. A sperm donor is compensated for each approved donation. As a sperm donor at Born, you receive 300 DKK per donation in compensation, just like at the other sperm banks in Denmark. That amounts to an average of 4,200 DKK per month. 

At the same time, you also get a job where you contribute to making a huge difference for couples and singles struggling to have children.Does that sound like something for you? Then maybe you should become a sperm donor with us?

Compensation as a sperm donor

Need a Bit Extra?

With a compensation of DKK 300 per approved donation, we have calculated that this results in an hourly wage of approximately DKK 600. This means that the workload and time spent is very low compared to other offers.
In other words: what you get compensated here with us will be "fun money". Not for fixed expenses, but for fringe benefits and celebration.

Your compensation is determined by the number of approved donations you make.
As a donor at Born, you receive a compensation of approximately 4,200 DKK per month. This figure is an actual average among our active donors.
With an average visit lasting 30 minutes, it can be summed up that you will receive 600 DKK for just one hour of work.
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The Compensation is One Thing, The Feeling Is Another

Many of our sperm donors donate sperm simply because it's a good cause. They want to help childless couples and singles fulfill their greatest dream, which is to start a family. Of course, the compensation of 4,200 DKK per month is also worth considering.

Do good and get compensated

Are You Unsure About Becoming a Donor?

You are always welcome to come by one of our locations and have your sperm quality. It's completely free and non-binding, and we're happy to test it even if you don't want to donate at this time.
Your sperm quality is important if you want to work as a sperm donor, as it requires a stable, high quality.

How Are You Compensated as a Sperm Donor?

Når du er blevet godkendt som donor hos Born, tjener du penge, når du donerer i form af en kompensation. Du modtager et pengebeløb på 300 kr. for hver godkendt donation (her kan du som udgangspunkt maksimalt donere 3 gange om ugen). . Vi tilbyder også at du som aktiv sæddonor har mulighed for at få 200 kr. om måneden i tilskud til dit fitnessmedlemskab. 

You can also have your own storage where you can freeze your sperm for personal use. Moreover, we regularly give out prizes and gifts and host a monthly competition where you can win a little extra. As a donor, you also undergo regular blood and urine tests so we can release your donations and ensure that you are healthy.

All in all, as a sperm donor, you receive a considerable compensation for your work. 


If you don't want to be "just another employee", get a job where you have the opportunity to do something extraordinarily good for others while being compensated for it.

You can find us in Aalborg, Odense, Aarhus and Copenhagen, and we welcome all suitable candidates with open arms, so what are you waiting for?