How to Become a Sperm Donor

Begin your new job as a sperm donor

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Help others with a job as a sperm donor and earn well from it. With us, you receive full compensation.
You have the sperm, so why not lend a hand?

As a sperm donor

With a Job as a Sperm Donor at Born, You Receive:

  • The possibility to donate up to three times a week (minimum once a week)

    Be your own boss. Imagine a job where you can clock out after two minutes. World's best job?

  • A full health check with ongoing examinations (value approx. 40,000 DKK)

    Have you ever considered how your health is doing? Get it checked for free.

  • The possibility to help others

    Help make a difference for childless couples and singles.

  • A sperm quality check

    Do you have good sperm? You can get a free sperm test with us.

  • Guidance on how to achieve a healthy lifestyle and improve your sperm quality

    Want a personal health coach?

  • Guidance by our doctors and health professionals who are ready to assist you

    We help you navigate through the entire screening process.

  • The possibility to get:

    A well-paid, meaningful, and flexible job where you help women and couples who are struggling to have children build the family they dream of.

Donor Categories

As a sperm donor, you can choose between two categories:


To be an open donor means that the recipient does not know your identity, but the children who may result from your donations have the opportunity to get your contact information, when they become of legal age.The donor child, after proving that they are in fact a result of your donation, will be provided with your full name and your last known place of residence.


To be a closed donor means that you cannot be contacted, and donor-conceived children also do not have the option to request contact when they become of legal age. Once you have chosen to be a closed donor, you cannot later change that decision. Therefore, it is important to carefully consider your choice before deciding.

Choosing whether you want to be an open or closed donor is your own choice.

Some donors prefer to be closed. Others may feel a moral obligation to the donor-conceived child and their right to know their genetic origin later in life and are therefore choosing to be open donors. It is a choice that you, as a donor, will live with for the rest of your life. Therefore, it is important to carefully consider what feels right for you.

It is not possible to switch between closed and open donors once you have started donating.


A job as a Sperm Donor is Both Compensated, Meaningful, and Flexible

All our donors are carefully selected and undergo an approval process in accordance with the rules and recommendations set by the Danish Health Authority and the Danish Patient Safety Authority.

Step 1


A job as a Sperm Donor is Both Compensated, Meaningful, and Flexible 

All our donors undergo an approval procedure in accordance with rules and recommendations set by the Danish Health Authority and the Danish Patient Safety Authority.

Step 1: This is where you review

  • Age: You must be a healthy man between ages 18 and 45.

  • Application and initial interview - if your application form is approved, we go through your application face to face and assess your suitability as a donor. This includes filling out a questionnaire. 

  • Criminal record: You must have a clean criminal record.

  • Sperm quality: When you submit your sperm sample, we assess the number of sperm cells, volume, motility, viability, and abnormalities.

  • General health status: We assess your current health condition, potential risk behavior, and personal and family medical history.

  • NOTE! You may not be a donor in other sperm banks - neither in Denmark nor in other countries.

How to get started

Step 2

In this step you go through a thorough physical medical examination and deliver another sperm sample. A review of your own and your family's medical history is also done. 

Disease assessment

Step 3

This step consists of a contract review and a collection of blood and urine samples. Before you can start in your new job. you will need to deliver another blood and urine sample for examination of infectiours diseases, blood type, chromosomal analysis, and carrier status of some recessive genetic diseases (such as cystic fibrosis and spinal muscular atrophy). 

When the doctor has examined and approved your samples, you are ready to be a sperm donor.   

Genetic analysis

Approved as a Sperm Donor

Når du er blevet godkendt som donor, venter der en  økonomisk kompensation og tilskud til din træning. Derudover hjælper du andre med at få deres højeste ønske opfyldt. 

My Job is to Be a Sperm Donor

My Job is to Be a Sperm Donor

I think a lot about what it means to be a sperm donor.

Why did you choose to become a sperm donor?

I saw some ads online and thought it would be a flexible and manageable part-time job. When I spoke with the donor coordinator at Born, I realised that there is another good reason to be a sperm donor: you help those who are struggling with infertility. I thought a lot about what it means to be a sperm donor. I have chosen to be an open donor, and I also think about what to say if the children seek me out one day. If I were a donor-conceived child, I would expect my donor to have thought about it. 

What does it mean to you to be a donor? 

It's a nice feeling to help someone. It's wonderful to think that there might be someone out there wishing for a child, and now they have the opportunity. It truly makes me happy to be able to assist them. I know some people who cannot have children on their own, and it's really tough for them. So it's great when it works out. 

Before becoming a sperm donor what thoughts did you have about it?

I have thought a lot about whether I can justify bringing children into the world who do not know their biological origins and whose lives I have no influence over. But I grew up with a stepfather and without my biological father, so I know that it doesn't require blood to love someone as your father. 

Why have you chosen to be an open donor?

Because I feel it's unfair to bring children into the world without giving them the opportunity to know their biological origins. I wouldn't call myself their 'father' because that's a title one must earn. I've never spoken to my biological father, but if I wanted to, I could get his contact information from my mother. Donor-conceived children should have that option too. 

What would you say if you were contacted by donor-conceived children in the future?

It entirely depends on what their needs are. Maybe they just want to see my face, maybe they want to hear my life story. I will be ready to answer anything they ask. 

What do your family and friends think about you working as a sperm donor?

I am completely open about it. Before the interview at Born, I told my mom. She is very open-minded, os even though it was a bit outside her comfort zone, she thought it was cool. When I talk to my friends, acquaintances, and classmates, I typically encounter childishness and taboos. They laugh a bit and might find it a bit gross or awkawrd. Or they ask if I'll end up having a ton of kids who will come looking for me one day. My response is that what happens at the clinic is just as natural as what happens at home. It's a comfortable environment where everyone is very professional. 

To protect the donor's anonymity, we have decided not to use his name in the article.

Would You Like a Job as a Sperm Donor?

As a sperm donor, you can give the ultimate gift to others, namely fulfilling their dream of having a child. Does it sound like a job for you? You can get more information on how to apply below.   

If you're not quite ready to take the step and become a sperm donor, you are always welcome to contact our branches in Aalborg, Odense, Aarhus, and Copenhagen with your questions.