Let's Talk About It

There are many misconceptions about sperm donation

Why Do We Want to Talk About Donor Sperm?

We do this because Danish sperm donors often lead a somewhat secretive life. They are the crucial difference for couples and individuals who wish to have a child, yet they do not openly talk about it. In a time of declining sperm quality, donors play an important societal role. 

Diversity and same-sex couples have long become commonplace, and sperm donation suppors many of these new family forms. Fortunately, Denmark is an open and modern country where sperm donation is already widely accepted, but the journey has just begun. 

Today, we all have involuntarily childless people in our close circles. It's time for sperm donation to have a bigger stage in the societal debate, and we are happy to take the lead. 

Let's talk about it. 

Behind the campaign


Yes, you can absolutely contribute to starting a family even if you're not ready to have children yourself. You can become a sperm donor. This doesn't mean you'll have children, but rather that you're helping others fulfil their dream of creating a family. You will never be a father to the children resulting from your donations. You won't be registered as a parent or asked to take on that role, so you can still party all night if you feel like it. 

There are many misconceptions about sperm donation. Let's talk about it


No, as a sperm donor, you do not become a father. While you are biologically linked to any potential donor-conceived children, it doesn't entail any parental responsibilities. According to the law on sperm donation, as a sperm donor, you have no paternal or legal obligations to the children conceived with the help of your donations. The same applies to the children, who cannot make any legal claims against the sperm donor. Their parents are the ones they grow up with, the ones who apply a bandage to a scraped knee, teach them how to ride a bike, and stand by them on their first day of school. 

There are many misconceptions about sperm donation. Let's talk about it


Yes, it doesn't have to be hard to talk about sperm donation, but we know that our donors are often influenced by the opinions of their partners, friends, or family, which of course, is also very important. Therefore, we have a strong desire to spread information and encourage reflection on sperm donation so that both our sperm donors and those close to them can feel completely at ease. We often find that opinions can be based on a lack of understanding of what it means to be a sperm donor, knowledge of the legislation, and how sperm banks operate in Denmark.   

There are many misconceptions about sperm donation.Let's talk about it

There Are Many Myths About Sperm Donation. Let's Talk About It.

MYTH 1: Sperm Donors Do It Only for the Sake of Money

No, most of our sperm donors donate sperm for altruistic reasons. Maybe they know someone struggling with male infertility, or maybe they simply want to assist involuntarily childless couples and individuals. The fact that donors are compensated for their time is just an additional benefit.

MYTH 2: You Cannot Be a Sperm Donor if You Are Gay

Yes, you can certainly donate sperm even if you are gay. At Born, all healthy men between 18-45 years of age can donate sperm, provided the sperm quality is satisfactory. Your sexual orientation is your personal matter.

MYTH 3: You Must Have Super Sperm to Become a Sperm Donor

No, you don't need to have super sperm to become a sperm donor with us. Overall, the quality needs to be good, but we assess your sperm sample based on various parameters such as the quantity of sperm cells, motility (movement), morphology (shape and appearance), and how well it survives freezing.

If it turns out that your sperm quality is not optimal, adopting healthy lifestyle habits might positively impact it. 

MYTH 4: Sperm Donation Contributes to Overpopulation

No, this is not true. Currently, too few children are born in Denmark. The low birth rates could result in a population decline over time, potentially having significant consequences for our society and our current welfare model. 

Talk Openly About Sperm with Friends and Family

By talking openly and honestly about sperm donation, we hope to help break down the taboo and give you a better understanding of the possibilities donor sperm offers to many different people and families. If you are considering donating sperm or using a sperm donor, remember that we are happy to support and guide you. You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions, thoughts or concerns.

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