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Earn 4,200 DKK / month on average.

As a sperm donor in Aarhus, you can expect to be compensated for your donations with DKK 300 per approved donation.

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Become a sperm donor in Aarhus. Make a difference to women and childless couples around the world by giving them the greatest gift.

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It only takes 1 minute to apply to become a sperm donor in Aarhus. Book an appointment and let's have a chat.

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How to become a sperm donor in Aarhus

There are several steps to becoming a sperm donor in Aarhus, but it all starts with your application and the first interview with me. Here we will find out how becoming a sperm donor can suit you. You can read more about the whole process below or contact us here.
Mai/Donor coordinators

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We need you as a sperm donor in our donor corps in Aarhus. So are you ready to make a difference for childless people and earn up to DKK 4,200 per month in an easy and flexible job?

Sperm donor in Aarhus
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Who is Born Sperm Bank?

We are an open and friendly sperm bank that guarantees the security of you and your personal data. We care about the welfare of the individual - including what they do when they are not visiting us. We are a family sperm bank with a friendly atmosphere. We make a lot of the experience you get as a sperm donor here in Aarhus. Even though we are a small team, we do our best every day to make you feel at home and work with us. Our head office is centrally located in Aarhus on Rosensgade, so it's easy for you to drop by.

Interested in learning more about us as a sperm bank and how we work, you can read more about Born here.


Our Aarhusian sperm donors' frequently asked questions

First of all, you can read more about the whole process here. Then you can book an appointment and send us an application here.

As a sperm donor in Aarhus, you must be between 18-45 years old.

Yes, as a sperm donor at SellmerDiers you can choose to be either an open or closed donor. Read more about the donor categories here.

Many countries have a national quota, set by law, for how many children or families a donor can be used for. This limit is called a pregnancy quota. We comply with the limits on the number of children/families per donor in Denmark (number 12) and in the other countries we send to.

In addition, at SellmerDier Sperm Bank we have an upper limit on the number of children per donor worldwide. This limit is based on what we consider to be ethically sound, both for donors and for the donor children who come into the world.

It is possible to donate up to 3 times a week, where you will be compensated 300 DKK per approved donation. In addition, there are a number of allowances, so on average you will earn 4,200 DKK.

You must as my. be able to donate 4 times a month.

There is a wide range of investigations carried out by our skilled staff. Read more.

It's not a problem if you've been treated for it. Then you can still be a sperm donor.

Yes, we also have branches in Copenhagen and Aalborg.

You will find us on Rosensgade in the centre of Aarhus

It hardly gets more central than this. So take a stroll down the street, visit us and become a sperm donor!

Find our exact location here.

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