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As a sperm donor in Aarhus, you can expect to be fully compensated for all your donations. Read more about our compensation here.

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By becoming a sperm donor in Aarhus, you can help make a difference for women and childless couples worldwide.

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How to Become a Sperm Donor in Aarhus

There are several steps to becoming a sperm donor in the city of smiles, Aarhus, but it all starts with your application and the first conversation with me. You can read more about the entire process below or contact us here. 
Mai/Donor Coordinator

Born Is Teaming up with AGF

Is it out of place to talk about sperm at Ceres Park? We don't think so! That's why we've partnered with AGF to shed light on men's fertility and sperm donation, aiming to inform and break down taboos. We hope that the collaboration will be a step towards changing the way we talk about and understand male fertility.

Learn more about our collaboration right here.


There are many benefits to becoming a sperm donor. When you sign up as a donor, you first and foremost get the opportunity to help couples and individuals fulfil their dream of having children.

As a sperm donor at Born, you will undergo a thorough and free health check. We screen you for various diseases, both hereditary and sexually transmitted diseases. In this process, your sperm quality will also be tested, as this is, of course, an important aspect of being a sperm donor. 

Når du bliver godkendt som donor, venter der dig også nogle økonomiske fordele. For hver godkendt donation bliver du kompenseret fuldt ud som hos de andre sædbanker. Derudover er der også mulighed for at få et tilskud på 200 kr. til dit fitness abonnement.

When you make the decision to donate your sperm, it's important to mention that you have the choice between being an open or closed donor. If you choose to be an open donor, donor-conceived children will be able to contact you when they reach legal age. 

If you would like further information about becoming a sperm donor, you are welcome to read more  here.

Who is Born Sperm Bank?

We are a small and cosy sperm bank that guarantees the security of your personal data. We care about the well-being of each individual and really enjoy getting to know all our sperm donors. We are a small team, and we do our very best every day to make you feel secure and comfortable. Our main office is located in Aarhus on a central spot on Rosensgade, making it easy for you to drop by 

Are you interested in learning more about us as a sperm bank and how we operate? You can read more here.

You can find us on Rosensgade in the center of Aarhus

It doesn't get much more central than this. So, take a stroll down the street, visit us, and become a sperm donor!

Address: Rosensgade 11, 8000 Aarhus

Opening hours:
Monday: 08.00-18.00
Tuesday: 08.00-18.00
Wednesday: 08.00-18.00
Thursday: 08.00-18.00
Friday: 08.00-14.00
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

Phone: (+45) 52 39 33 11

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